By C++ game engines i mean the language that the game is programed in is C++. I know irrlicht but it aint good for very big games becuase you have to code where everything is. At the moment i am using Unity but the language looks like C#.

So what are other good and FREE game engines that you can make games for comercial use without a licinse and that uses C++ Language?


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The source engine is definitely an industry-standard C++ game engine you could consider. There're also tons of free C++ APIs for building games, including DarkGDK, Ogre3D or Panda.

And yes, Unity3D uses Javascript, C# and Boo. No C++ (yet), unforunately.


What jgorard159 said about dark gdk is incorrect. It says on the website that it is for personal use only.

Unity, cry engine and unreal are the only 3 professional game engines for making 3d games. I have never used cry engine but I know unreal is very powerful but not as easy to use and needs a more powerful computer and unity is simple to use and is multi platform. All 3 have liscences but the free version is very good- in unity the free version can do everything except the lighting isnt as realistic and the other two are free untill you distrabute your game. None of them use c++ but even if they did it would just be c++ systax (which is the same as jscript, c# and i think unreal script) and the libary used would be completely different and you would still near enough have to learn it from scratch.

If you want to go professional, like I do, then learn how to use a 3d modelling program like 3ds max-get a free 3year student liscence or blender 3d, one of the 3 game engines I mention and also get a c++ game/graphics libary like directx, allegro, and sdl and make yourself a 2d game engine.

At the moment I am currently making a level editor for XNA and It is turning out to be sooooooo hard.


Yes see Unity is nice and easy to use and so forth, my only problem is that i dont like C# very much, i am more of a c/c++ guy, beginning to get fedup with c++ and all of its complicated ways of deleting and so forth.

GameMaker is even easier to use but the language isnt very powerfull and so. When i am more of a pro in c++ i might just write a FREE game engine, as friendly as unity -> as strong as c++



I've enjoyed using Dragonfiresdk to make gaming apps for the iphone. It supports c/c++ and you don't have to leave the windows platform.


If you want to be a serious game developer then you should not run following so called game engines. You can use either DirectX or OpenGL as real game engine. I suggest OpenGL is better than DirectX in some ways. To incroporate 3D model to the the OpenGL program code you can use 'Obj2GL' a new 3D tool that converts 3D model into pure OpenGL code along with its texture. You can download it's demo from www.easterndeltasoftware.com.

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