hello, im new here, first post, so dunno how mush assistance i will get but here goes.http://div0.co.za/psichron/projects/pastebin/results/4A3B6BF41.html , this is my first day of programming with directx in c++ and im already at a hitch, that code is simply meant to just draw two lines on the screen, obv it doesnt otherwise i wouldnt be here :Dif ne1 can point out why it doesnt draw the lines, i will forever be in ur debt .... well maybe not forever, but ill be gratefulthx

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i have tried that, i dont normally use forums like this, its a last resort cause im desperate and its urgent so was just hoping sum1 had done directx here that could point out prob as im sure its something simple like some kind of refresh statement or sumthing.
ah well.


Sorry, I can't access that link you posted, not because its a bad link but I'm blocked out of accessing it. If its a large source file them you would be better zipping it up and attaching it to your post. If its rather small then just post it using code tags.

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