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Another newb question..

I am currently using the 16-bit libnds example (Located within here) as a basis and am trying to display text and the png background image on the same screen (in this example it is the top sceen). I am having a similar issue as this post:

I have garbage on the top of the screen (only if consoleInit(...) is called), similar to the first problem in the thread. The only problem is that I am displaying the background image in a different method so the fixes they made in that thread did not apply to this.

All I am looking for is whether there is a way to fix the garbage on the top of the screen. If there is a more efficient/better way to do display the image, I am willing to accept it, just I haven't found a detailed enough tutorial on how to load an image as a background without using this method. Thank you in advanced for any help whatsoever.

Project download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tk4eamoqrmtofx7/Garbage_Error.zip

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