Hello everyone..I'm trying to develop a simple card game in android..i need to show the cards being dealt with some animation as well as coins being moved to the winner's stack..could anyone please tell me if I should do this with android drawables animation or i should choose a game engine and which game engine??

I'm not up on my Android details, but I'll give this advice: Pick a graphics subsystem that's the simplest and easiest for you at first, and write your card game so that the actual operation of the game is decoupled from the graphics. Separating them is a good practice in general, and it will also allow you to upgrade to fancier graphics later without having to rewrite the rest of it.

thanks for the reply..i think i should go with AndEngine to handle the graphics

You can also use flash. You can create everything there and with some simple as3.0 code you'll be good to go. I've made a game card there with just 15 lines of I code.

thanks for suggestions..i have chosen AndEngine to handle the graphics as well as some basic physics

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