Hi all,
Can I ask you all, what kinds of tool/api you use to write 2d game such as chess or mario?? And does a 3d api capable of making 2d game?? Currently I am using allegro as a start, is allegro old??

Thank you all!

I can write C/C++, Java, python, C#
I would like to post the made game on internet, so that ppl can play!

Allegro (easy): Keep using it until you are confident to move on.
OpenGL (intermediate): Can be used for 2D. Don't get frustrated and stick with it.
Direct2D (hard): Specially built 2D library, but DirectX is hard to code.

PyGame (easy): Same as allegro really.
PyOpenGL (intermediate): Use it for 2D first, then 3D. Needs to be used through PyGame.

As for sharing it on the internet, why don't you upload it to sourceforge when you are done? Then people can join you if you want an extra pair of hands, report bugs easily and it's just generally great for project hosting.

well, oh my god
I am not able to make use of any of these :allegro, Irrlicht, opengl
I don't know how to setup with VS2008

already browse a bunch of tutorial...

Finally I can use glut to draw a triangle using a sample demo provide by others....now at least the environmental setting should be ok!

You could use a seperate IDE. Dev-C++ (though no longer in development) makes it easy to install libraries. You literally choose what you want from a list and it will download and install it.

Or you could take a look over at NeHe, there you can find tutorials on a lot of handy OpenGL things. Over at their "New tutorials" session, you can also find how to set up OpenGL in Code::Blocks, which is a pretty handy free C++ IDE

Good Luck!
Emil Olofsson

The site is good, but the tutorial is quite old.......
The author already stated that he is using an already not being used library GLaux.lib.
And I can't reproduce his result with remedy he mentioned.

Thanks dude!
and thanks dudes up here!