alright... so here's a quick demonstraition of what I'm trying to do:

def calcInfluence(Coords): #apply to verts from global location
    Ix,Iy,Iz = 0.0,0.0,0.0
    for (Px,Py,Pz),(Lx,Ly,Lz),(Rx,Ry,Rz),(Sx,Sy,Sz),W in Coords:

        #P = Point of transformation (base of the bone)
        #L,R,S = Loc,Rot,Sca
        #W = Weight

        Ix += Lx*W
        Vy += Ly*W
        Iz += Lz*W

        #need rotation and scale applications here

    return Ix,Iy,Iz

the code above calculates influence I to add to a RAW vertex position V
these influences are stored in a list to be indexed from by the facepoints.
the "Coords" come from a list of local bone coords supplied with weights.

I want eular because it's easier to manage since you can't trace matrices,
and that it cuts alot of the needless calculations with the matrix method.

does anyone know how to apply these??

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EDIT: *changes topic title*
using eular rotation to rotate a vert about a given point

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not bad :)
I've always known quaternions to have a 1-up on the competition to both eular and matrices.
(avoiding gimbal-lock and using less computations)

though I never really fully understood them and lost interest in using them. XD

nice find indeed :)

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Yeah, quaternions are rather nasty, but effective.
I hope you don't get the idea I know all about them! :)


"don't" get the idea??
lol you confuse me my good sir :)

are you saying you don't want me to question you about them??
or are you referring to them being "bad", in a sense??

if it's a matter of complexity, IDC
(complexity == fun)
^ "fun" in the sense of frustration with progress. :P


No, just meant to point out that they existed, they are quite exiting!
Altough I did some things with quaternions, I wanted to point out that I know too little of the matter to help you out with it. Happy computing. :)

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