I am trying to use 2 external monitors with my laptop in a docking station and I cannot get the option to use the second monitor only one works. I have an HP elitebook and used to have a Dell and since switching I can't use the same set up I used to. I have contacted HP directly and my IT team at work and no one can figure out why I can't get both monitors to work instead of using the laptop screen when I use my docking station. Any Ideas?

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Does your system have both a built-in Intel GPU (graphics chip) as well as an nVidia (or AMD) GPU? On my Lenovo laptop, I had to disable the Intel GPU in the BIOS so I could get multiple monitors working properly.



I had an HP connected to a docking station and it is possible to get two monitors working. You have to have the laptop in the docking station when you boot it up and both monitors powered on. IF you go to the detect displays option in windows you should see all three monitors. You have to disable the laptop display in this screen, apply and then you can enable both external monitors. The monitors will need to be connected to the ports on the docking station and not to the laptop its self.


I can't find the right place to disable the laptop screen, that is the problem I am having. At one point I got to a screen that showed me that both monitors were working but I can't get to anything that I did on my old computer to disable the laptop screen. I keep getting told that the problem is that I am still using windows xp so no one can trouble shoot it for me correctly.

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