well i need help with a battle system made with vb6. i have tried twice but since im not to good at codign i have no clue of haw to develop one. i am tring to make a battle systems simulare to runescapes. one where you can click on atk and hit the opponite and only gain exp in that or with str def. it will also include hp health points. which would gain exp no matter which on you are using i also nee help makign a magic system liek theres to just all of this in 2d i dont liek 3d stuff lol.

well if you need a better discription ask me.:?:

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What are you trying to use to write your game? (You do need to know a programming language.) For 2D graphics, you'll usually want to use either DirectX or OpenGL. Check up at the top of this forum for a sticky listing some starting places.

Then, you need careful planning to design everything right. Try using a flow chart to show how the different things work. When you're ready, start converting it to code. And don't give up. If you find it too difficult, you're probably biting off more then you can chew.


First of all: What Joe said.

well i need help with a battle system made with vb6. i have tried twice

Are you asking for help with a new game, or do you have problems with existing code, because then you should post your code here so we can see what went wrong.

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