I would like to start learning Html, C++, Javascript etc. But where should I start? is there a certain tutorial which is perfect for beginners?

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Also, if you are aiming for web development, I would recommend learning PHP instead of C++. C++ has a much higher learning curve and is generally used for standalone application development, not web development.


Just a suggestion, python. Python is both a programing language, as well as a web design language. It has a very clean syntax and is perfect for teaching beginners the basic principles of computer science. Other than that, there is java, which has the same pros as python, but is a little bit harder. And I highly suggest these two because you can use them to make games as well as web applications, though the type of web applications may be different, you could still start out with them in web design, and have a basic understanding of the language when you decide to move on to programming.



> But where should I start?
If game development, C++ all the way. Of course once you grow with C++, you can move to Windows programming, scripting, DirectX or OpenGL, the core technologies required for game development.

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