I recently installed WoW on my new laptop but when I got to the Burning Crusade expansion discs I had to shut the laptop down. I did this without exiting the BC installer. When I rebooted the laptop and tried to return to installing BC it would not allow me to and claimed BC was already installed even though i had only gotten to the second install disc. I uninstalled WoW from the laptop and attempted to reinstall it. I reinstalled all the original WoW discs successfully but when I got to the BC discs it would not allow me to install them a window popped up, as it had before, stating "Burning Crusade is already installed". I know that it is not because when I open WoW the log in screen is not the one from burning crusade it is merely the original one. Does anyone have any tips on what I can do to fix this?

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I would imagine the technical support forums at World of Warcraft do.

This forum is just general game development questions. You would get much more specific help asking on the WoW tech forums as they are much more familiar with their own products.


It's probably a registry issue. Try to find the keys in the registry that deal with that expansion and remove them.

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