My Mafia game. Need some help;D READ
Hello. i just got my mafia game Script and i really need some help from some pepole who are Skilled. i uploaded the game and when i click on the link it says Localhost using password No

if u can help me upload the game and conf it i would be Greatfull to make u an Co-Founder of my game..

-Just want it online and Conf-

Reply to this post if u can help me out;:D

you need to configure it for the database

its PHP right?

in the configuration file, specify the host,username,password, and database and then create the database


You will get the password from .......

What are you talking about? What does rockstar have to do with anything here?

To OP: Please try to define your problem more clearly then this.. Where is this script you're talking about?

[edit]So you've 'made' a game and you're trying to sell it: . But you can't solve this simple problem huh?

Hello everyone, i just got mafia game script and i really need help from some people who have skills and i upload this game and when i click onthe link it says passsword no

if anyone help or sort out this problem to upload this game, so ti's greatfull to me

you obviously havent made it, because anyone with any PHP/MySQL experience would know that that means you havent filled out the database settngs correctly.

Hey,There,I can help you with your problem i think (if it's not already fixed) ik know pretty much about databases and more wich is probably your problem.. But it's to much to write down here to give you detailed help :D What about just Emailing me/adding me? <<snip>> then i can help you :D

Hope you'll make it m8

Best regards , Laurenzb:idea:

im a coder for many mafia games... set ur config.php file to point to the details of your database on the server. For more info and addons contact <<snip>>. check out to have a look at my work :)

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