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What is the best (3D Games Programming & Design) Program?

Depends. What are you trying to create, and what language(s) do you intend to use?


3D Studio Max for the win or was opposite ;)

i use gamespace it comes with a python coder to add scrypts to ur objects

Indeed there is no "best". Do you think anything else would survive in the market if one program was "best" in such a way that it alone was suitable for anything and everything?
At most there may be a "best" program for a specific task in a specific environment for use by people with specific training.
But most likely even that is not the case and there's a host of applications to choose from that all will do an adequate job, the choice depending on personal preference of those making the decisions.

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I like 3D Studio Max best, my friend prefers Maya. It basically comes down to which package we've invested our time in learning. Pretty much most packages are capable of the same things. I know a lot of independent developers that will use Anim8er or Blender because the high end packages can be quite expensive. And as long as you have the skills, those cheap or free programs can still produce great results, and I've seen them do it.

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Thanks guys, I mean the easiest program to creat 3D Beuati Game

This is a more complicated question than just "what can I use to create my 3D objects?". You've got to keep the whole system in mind, and have a VERY good understand of how the content creation software (3DSMax, Maya, Blender, etc.) represents objects vs. how your rendering engine (i.e. OGRE, etc.) see them. One prime example: which axis is the "verticle" axis. We're using OGRE as our graphics engine in our project, which sees the Y axis as "up". Some of the content creation packages see Z as "up". You've gotta know these things, or your characters are going to appear face- or back-up.

I agree with some of the other replies that state that there is no real "best". There's a group of very good software packages, some even FREE, out there for use on these types of projects. The approach I would take is this: choose your 3D graphics engine first (we knew from the start we'd be using OGRE), then browse your selection's website to see what content creation software works well with your engine. Compatibility is the key... this will prevent headaches in the future.

Hope that helps, and good luck!!!

I think 3ds Max is the best for making 3D pictures.
For high end animation,Maya suits best.
Blender is one which is inexpensive,which also gives the same output as that of those these expensive softwares.
The one thing u need more is "creative skill"..

blender is too complex IMHO

Well i think 3D Studio Max is the best .....try to learn this software...

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Well, Thank you all, I have learned a lot in 3D Max, However I did not find a book teaches the 3D Max Script, Anyway thank you all for your help.:)


Xsi and 3ds max 9.0 are simply amasing. I have both and all the tutorials you'll need for games or what ever. the_rpg_gamemaster@yahoo.com Feel free to reply just remind me about this email.

If you are any good at Python than I would recommend Blender. I have been using Blender for the past two years and really like the program. I would have to agree with the others that it comes down to what you've invested your time in. Which ever program you do use, you will at least pick up on the general aspects of 3D design (Meshes, Curves, Particles, Animation, Softbody, UVMapping, Textures, etc...).

"Well i think 3D Studio Max is the best .....try to learn this software..."""

can i beg with dat software?

can i beg with dat software?

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I have always used blender and find it very proffesional and produces great results. It will (like anything) take a bit to learn but once you do it really pays off. And best of all its 100% FREE!

Hope this helps!

You probably could, but I would prefer a cup or a hat, it keeps the coins in.

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