hi guys,
I'm creating a midlet application with Netbeans. When I select build, the IDE builds my application successfully but goes ahead to run it's emulator. This has the effect of increasing the resulting jar file 7 fold in size. Does anyone know how to change the setting to build and create jar file without launching the emulator afterwards?

Just found out that in build.xml file, in the section pasted below, if the value of "test" is set to true, the build will always be followed by execution of the code. if it's set to false, the build process will do just that, build, and not dump lots of debug code in the jar file.

<target name="j2mepolish-init"
	  	<property name="test" value="false" />
	  	<property name="customization" value="" />
		<property name="dir.work" value="build/real/${customization}" />
		<property name="dir.dist" value="dist/${customization}" />
		<property name="deploy-url" value="" />

You must made some changes somewhere in your project as build does only packaging and does not trigger run process.