Hi! I am new in J2Me programming but I have used java for 2 years. I want to develop an application that lets users to take an exam remotely on their mobile phones. This exam should be located on the http server(mysql). The problem is that when I try to use MIDlet I face many errors( i don't know how a midlet can interact with a mysql database through the http). When I use Spotlet I miss a package called com.sun.kjava.*;. So tell where to start, or where can I find the package com.sun.kjava.*;. If you some codes for that It should be better. Thank you all.

You do not want to establish connection directly to database. You want to establish connection with server that is running whatever on, to help you connect with database. Connection to Tomcat sever and communicating with servlet is most common, see for example Beginning J2ME From Novice to Professional - Chapter 10 (limited preview from Google Books). You can use PHP but that may be difficult if you do not know PHP, here is example of file upload from mobile device through PHP