Recently, I've being doing some j2me programming & everything is fine but some of my MIDlets constantly ask for permissions when performing I/O operations on files. I know this is for security purposes but is there any way I can provide a valid certificate for my MIDlet without having to pay for it?


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No. What would be otherwise purpose of certificate. However for local testing you may want to play with permission that can be assigned to MIDlet. For example there was a way to disable notifications for network connection while running in emulator. First closes resource in regards of this is following article (I had better reference somewhere but can't find it, sorry)


Thank you for your interest, but emulator works fine, it's just that on my cellphone it quirks for permissions. I'd love to give the req permissions to my phone, but Nokia doesn't even allow me to give permissions on my (apparently mine) phone. So there is no work-around right? Sigh!

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