Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to Mobile Development. I'm a final year student and this is my first major project that might just get me a job for next year. So I'm very keen on getting it working! Pleeease help :)

As far as I understand - I need to develop an abstraction layer between J2ME and Android. As both are mainly Java, this should be fairly simple. Basically, a J2ME application has to be able to somehow run on a Android base. All the already developed J2ME applications can then just run on a Android phone using an intermediary 'translation' layer without need of any modification what so ever.

I suppose that means I'm developing mainly in Android. The complicated part is that both the J2ME and Android parts are not allowed to use native GUI functions, it all has to be drawn manually from the Java Canvas class, thus making it more generic. So we can assume that all the J2ME applications will adhere to this rule.

I'm pretty stuck on where to go from here. I know some basic J2ME at this point in time. I'm really looking hard for resources to help with this project. A lot of the stuff I can find includes native UI functions which I cannot use and I do not want to waste my time running in circles and learning things that I dont need.

If someone can point me in the right direction with how to start on these 'interface' classes I will be very grateful. For now I just want to get a basic example that I can work off so things can start making sense.

Something like:
1. Getting a J2ME application that uses the Canvas for something simple like plaintext and a border (Done)
2. Getting a Android application that does the same thing using the Canvas (Almost Done)
3. Creating a over simplified abstraction layer just to convert the J2ME plaintext and border to Android-interpreted code.

I will eventually have to sit down and scope out all the classes and things that will need an abstraction layer or "interface class". For now I just need a starting point...

I will be eternally grateful if someone can help me =)

My apologies if this is a bit over the top...

Does anybody have any resources or ebooks for Android that I could use in the meantime?

Thank you

Hi, I'm working on the same thing as you do! Developing the abstraction layer for porting j2me code to android. Contact me please at <EMAIL SNIPPED>, we will find something to share thanks:)

Your email has been snipped. Please provide me with alternate means to contact you in a private message. Thank you

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