How can I develop IPhone games with Java?
I've tried something called XMLVL but that doesn't seem to be up to date and I can't use it because they don't have anything I can download to use...
So is there any other alternative?

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If you're developing for iPhone, so far as I know you can only use the Apple SDK which is in Obj. C I think.

I'm sure you can code IPhone games with java, it's cross-platformed with the IPhone I think apple announced. Maybe they didn't and it was a vision I saw in the wormhole on my bedroom window.
Anyway, so the only way is to code using Objective-C?

Well, the only way to do is on Mac box even though it is Java... Not sure if you can do it on your window or linux box.

Oh, that's a shame, just got my IPhone and no game developing :'( .
Buying a Mac for Christmas then :) . Thanks for the info guys.