Hello all,
After very longtime I am sending thread on this. Before I used to send threads in JSP. But now I am working on J2ME. I have installed " JAVA ME SDK PLATFORM" when I run any MIDlet getting JIT error. This error is related to each PC, I tried to install in diff. 2 PCs, but getting error in both.
I am not getting error while working in Netbeans. Here I have included the screen shot of that error.

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What version of NetBeans you using? (Current 6.9.1 has some bugs and many people are complaining)

I was getting this pop up few years back while working on Windows XP, but I do not remember to be related to Java. What I did at the time was select first checkbox and decline debugging


Yes, I have updated version NetBeans. MIDlet is working fine in NetBeans but not on JAVA ME SDK PLATFORM. JAVA ME SDK PLATFORM is external IDE for special Mobile Development.


If you have it configured properly NetBeans will start up Java ME SDK emulator on execution, so you can use it standalone or with IDE

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