I am new to android development and I have been asked to create a do not call application. Essentially what this app will do is allow the user to store data on the device and then submit it to the do not call database. I have all the UIs created and am saving the data requested. My question is how to transmit the data to the the do not call website/database?

Thank. I have done some research and see that is what I need. My only problem now is being able to find the function they are using to process the data and what format I need to send it in. From what I have read you can send the name pairs with the http post but that only works if that is how their function is set up right?

Whan doing a http post do you have to know what function to put it into or is it possible to send it to the page with the data appended to the URI?

With http connection you should be able to choose what method you want to use POST/GET and based on that parameters should be submitted to server for processing. In case of Java service, you would have servlet in place listening for either of them and based on some extra parameters send together with request it will recognise that you want to add new/edit/delete record

ok but for my purposes I need to send data to a website that is controlled by someone else. Their reg.aspx page is where you would normally register. I have looked at some of the source code but can not ascertain what function they are using to put the data into the database. The suggestion has been made that I should try encoding my data and use www.donotcall.gov/reg.aspx?<encodeddata> but will that work? Wouldn't there need to be some kind of script set up to handle the post for it to work?

They must have web service otherwise you cannot do it, other then opening page in browser which would render your application useless.

Yeah that is what I was thinking. I was actually thinking that the correct solution to what they are wanting is just to do a webkit app that opens directly to the app and lets the user enter the data in the site. The only catch is that they want the data saved to the device.

I would have to know full requirements, as so far this seems to be nice cobweb of ideas that are counter productive and illogical.

The only real requirements they gave is that they want and app that has three activities. The first would just be two buttons. One would take the user to an activity that would allow him to enter his name, address, phone number, and email and save it to the device. The second button would go to a replica of the do not call registration page and populate the fields from the saved data. A button on that activity would send data and register the phone number in the do not call registry.

The first one is fine, you may be in area with no mobile network so hardly can register with them.
However for second part they need to provide you with service on which you can call and forward these data. The easiest way is to send data as POST action to an URL that takes them and do what ever needs to be done with them and send response OK (200) or not found(404) {or perhaps any other fail response they are using}