I'm just starting to learn Java now, and I have an urge to create an android app by the end of this college semester. I know someone who can make it for me, but I'm not sure how much I should give the guy for creating it.

The app I have in mind allows you to do a particular search and then read a list of bullet points explaining that search query. I also want to have a navigation area where the audience (students in this case) can see what categories are available.

So, how much would this type of app cost for someone to make?

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Having someone do your homework is not the way to go, you won't learn anything (unless you're majoring business and economics of course). If you're really keen on having this done by the end of this semester you'd better dive into books/tutorials and make it work.
To really answer your question: for an app like this i'd charge about €1000 if you were gonna use it commercially. Why this much? because you'd make more money of it than spending on it. If i really knew you wouldn't sell it i wouldn't charge money, but i'd insist that you knew every single line of code i've put into it. Otherwise, you wouldn't learn.

I would charge enough to pay a months bills for something this simple.

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