Hi, I recently decided to learn how to program and distribute applications for iPad. After some research I have some questions. I found similar threads in this forum but none where exactly what I wanted.

1) Do I have to buy a Mac to develop my iPad program? After reviewing this link:
http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread323449.html and this Dragon Fire SDK I found that I can write my app in C++. But is it possible that some things that I need to do for my app cannot be done in C++ and I should be using Objective-C (or Cocoa Touch Programming)? Has anyone else similar experience?

2) Do you have any book recommendations? I did some searching but surely I cannot buy all of them and I would like to have a hard copy of a book to start instead of getting many e-Books.

My main expertise is (can you guess it?) Java. I am an experienced programmer in Java so I am confused whether I should buy a book about iPad for completely beginners or a more advanced book since I have very little experience in Mac, or C programming.

Thank you.

1) OP in his Dragon Fire "support" post said

You simply write your C++ code and test it with the built in iPhone emulator and send the code of to Zimusoft, who made DragonFire SDK. The code is then fiddled with, until it can be compiled on a Mac machine which uses the full iPhone SDK.

So for me it is plain that it would be better to have Mac machine then let someone fiddle with my code especially if I want to make profit out of this application at the end of day.

2) Plenty of books to choose from, but since you are experienced Java developer there is no point, in my opinion, to go for something like Head First iPhone Development: A Learner's Guide to Creating Objective-C Applications for the iPhone. I would go for Beginning iPhone 4 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK, speed approach with iPhone Cool Projects: Ten Great Development Projects for Your iPhone.
Please note that I didn't any iPhone/iPad development so take my advice at your own risk :twisted:.

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Thank you for your recommendations. I will give them a go and let you know how I proceeded.
If anyone else has anything else to share I will be happy to read any other suggestions