Hello All,
I have confusion in command Class. Its constructor has 3 parameters. First 2 parameters I can understand. but


and priority parameter I could not understand. I tried to Google also, and refer different kind of ebooks, but still i cant understand. So please help me.

As you said is is a number in priority queue. Usually commands with lowest number stay at either edge of screen, in case of higher number of commands at single screen their start to group in one corner and command with lowest number remaining on other other side on its own. Priority number is notoriously know for different understanding/usage by different manufactures and different devices. Do not pay much attention to it

Thanks, peter, once again you helped me. But I confused because I tried to play with priority of three items, but I was getting same result. Can you tell me what is use of Command.Screen ??

Command.Screen is generic type to enable programmers to build their own commands beside these pre-programmed (OK, Cancel, Back, Stop, Help). Did you checked Beginning J2ME: From Novice to Professional, chapter 5, pg 56 onwards?

Ok sir, thank you for everything. I am referring "J2ME COMPLETE REFERENCE". But not able to understand.

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