How should i come about accessing eclipse file folder on another computer using the elicpse software too?? I mean accessing the entire file as a whole with a working solution and not accessing .xml or .java individually. Or is it impossible to access the file as a whole but i have to resort to opening .xml and various file one at a time??

A) Setup proper network with access privileges
B) Use share directory provided by 3rd party something like Dropbox

Any sort of step by step for me to do follow?? I'm not sure how it should be done form what you state above..

No, because you failed to mention for the computer from which you want to connect what sort of user rights you have, or if you able install any applications on this computer...

erm.. u getting me confuse... I have a eclipse file that i worked on my desktop previously but i wanted to continue debugging it on my laptop at home but when i load it onto my laptop it seems to be only able to open on a file by file basis in that folder instead of everything in the project explorer i'm working on... sry if u dont get what i mean cos my eng kinna bad..

Yes original problem description was badly written.

I hope you have Android SDK setup on your laptop and relevant profiles available for Eclipse.
You have to make sure you copy whole project folder from the pc to laptop, not just files and folders you created as each IDE add its own file that are created behind scene. If not sure make a zip file and post it here so somebody can check it for you

Yes the entire folder has been copied onto my laptop but it seems my project explorer don't display the folder i copied onto my laptop for me to work on it..

Did you place it into your workplace on laptop for Eclipse to easily recognise?

Yes.. but the folder i copied onto my workspace just did not show up on project explorer.. or should update it or something??

OK that is fine, now go to File >> Import >> Import Existing project and then navigate to the location of the project. Once this done you should see it in Eclipse

After i click File>>import>> i just see a list of general , c/C++ but i dont see Import existing project??

okok found it.. thx anyway :)