First of to clarify i'm virtually new to java and not that good in programming. But i was told to develop an 2.2 android apps which takes video excluding sound when on the road "acts like a car blackbox".. I found a series of code online but i just don't know how to implement it, stated that its for 2.1 platform and i don't even understand the codes..

Another website from android developer shows a different set of code but which of these is more suitable to be implemented for my apps and how should i come about doing it.. Sorry i'm really desperate to get my project done fast cos i am only given another 11 wks to complete the task and there are more features to be intergrated into the apps and given my programming skill its kinna hard for me. any help would be appreciated.. :)


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This is an apk file and most apks are not just one thing they act like a zip file, containing potentially lots of files inside. you can use winrar to open them just fine.

Change the extension of this file from .apk to .zip and extract it any where in your computer you can access the files included in them


U mention change the extension of the file from .apk to .zip.. But i don't know how chanage the extension, how should i come about doing it..


After extracting the files from the zip file, which file should i take a look at it and how come i cannot open any of the "weird" files on eclipse?? sry for the trouble cos i'm quite lousy when it comes to computer...


how come i dont seems to find the .java file normally created in eclipse when a project is created??


@imso please do not post in the future

@abelLazm as I mentioned in previous thread reply your link is pointless as it is compiled application. Secondly that second link on file extension change is just wast of time as it doesn't help at all...

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