Hi there,

I would just like to know from the Android developers here what books they would recommend for starting out with Android?

Also, how diferent is it coding Android from the Core Java API's?


The best way to learn about androd is to have an android phone or use an android app before. This way you know how to use an android phone more properly. I have never read any android books before but i saw my father reading the geek guide to android phone, i am not sure whether it is good.

I am not sure about your second question. Are you trying to develop android apps or products?

Thanks for the reply, i have never worked on an Android device, however since you get an Android device "emulator" with the SDK. I'm sure it can't be that big of a set back.

As for my second question, I just want to know, how much getting use to does it take writing code for Android, if you've only ever coded with the Core Java Libraries...

It also wrok for android developmet, andriod code is much more simpler than ios

I had a look at this book... Seems promising, what you guys think?

Dean i have trouble accessing it, is it a link. Can you please post again. Thanks

Thanks peter, so my last question that then remains, is How different is it coding for Android if one has always just used the core Java API's? Does it take some getting used to or are there just minor differences that would normally come with working with another library?

There is only minor difference

There is only minor difference

I would recommend that you find some different place to give advice as it is of limited use same as royng. So please do not talk about something you have minimum or zero knowledge.

@Dean_Grobler as Java developer you shouldn't have much trouble to get around API. Most of stuff is organized in the way as Java core. There are some bits and pieces and you may have to look up but that is case of any new API. Also I recommend you polish on XML as layouts and other stuff can be setup nicely there with minimum hassle.