Hello everyone,

I am Java SE developer, but would like to start developing Java ME applications. Can you point me to some book, tutorial where I could get the basic concept of making mobile applications?

And also, what IDE should I use? Currently I use Eclipse and NetBeans.

Thank you in advance,

You may want to read Starting mobile development [SDK / tutorials / resources / faq] that is on top Mobile Development section where I moved your post.

PS: If you set to learn mobile development then I would recommend Android (mix of Java and XML Eclipse and IntelliJ have support for it) or iPhone development (objective c, JavaScript, html5 BE AWARE YOU NEED Apple machine). JME is dying slow painful death thanx to zero innovation for JME SDK 3, and Symbian Qt is trying to recover I'm just wondering if they will ever catch-up with Android-iPhone market

You seam to have a point there.. Android is the future. Maybe I will try it out first, since it is really similar to Java.

When it comes to iPhone apps, I tried developing them, but since I do not own Mac and had some problems with virtual version of Mac OS and X code, I had to quit. Seams there is no other (good) way to develop iPhone apps other than on Mac.

Thank you for reply, and if you have some beginners guide for Android please do post it here..

Thanks and advance,

You may try and have look on this stuff from Hack a day, but I cannot comment on quality.
Personally I started to read Professional Android 2 Application Development by Reto Meier, but due to work I have to give up on it for time being. This book covers quite large area and personally I like the way it was written.