I'm a senior andoroid developer.
I'm writing business and mini apps for the market.

I would like to expand the platforms as soon as possible. Therefore I'm looking for cross platform mobile development framework, primarily for business apps.

I've tried one, but I wasn't satisfied with it.

Can you offer any solution please?



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Have you tried Qt by Nokia? I'm a unsure whether it will be supported on Windows Phone 7 and Android at all, but it is 'the' open source alternative to DotNET they say.

Maemo and newer high end Symbians were written using it if i'm not mistaken, and with the current Microsoft-Nokia co-op it's unlikely Qt won't be compatible with WinPhone7.

I haven't tried Qt yet. It would be important that the framework has a support on iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile. In case of Business developments it will be important for a long term.

Qt support for iOS is served by the community, although from what i understand, currently only the non-GUI portion of the code is complete. It will be a wrapper around cocoa (source).
Qt already supports Windows Embedded (Or Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Windows Compact Edition, whatever you want to call it) prior to Windows Phone 7.
There's also a reliable source that Qt already works on Android.

Primarily I am focusing on iPad, iPhone development. I had a similar issue not so long ago, but I found a solution at MobiAccess, which is a platform independent mobile development framework. Give it a try and if you have got any question, feel free to contact me. ;)


There is an exciting new kid on the block - Application Craft. You should look at the Phonegap case study on them: http://phonegap.com/case_study/phonegap-application-craft-pain-free-mobile-app-development/

Because of phonegap its cross platform and in facts its actually a lot more than a framework. It's a complete IDE with UI and Code editing and incorporates both Phonegap and jQuerymobile. Bit like a cloud based Visual Basic for mobile and desktop apps, in this sense v suited to corporate development/ business apps.

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