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Hi all!

I want to start making apps for android phones. The problem is that
I have installed Android SDK, JDK 7 and eclipse, but failed to complete
the install of the ADT plugin. I have install the plugin, but I can't
configure it. the guide on android developer saids:

Select Window > Preferences... to open the Preferences panel (Mac OS X: Eclipse > Preferences).

Select Android from the left panel.

You may see a dialog asking whether you want to send usage statistics to Google. If so, make your choice and click Proceed. You cannot continue with this procedure until you click Proceed.

For the SDK Location in the main panel, click Browse... and locate your downloaded SDK directory.

Click Apply, then OK.

The Problem is, that there is no Android option on the left panel, so How
do I go arround this problem or in some way "make" a Android option to the Preferences.
I have checked if I really installed the ADT and I have installed it.

will be happy for answers :)

if there are any bad english in here, I'm sorry for that. I'm swedish and
Just 15 year old so I haven't learned english fully at the school yet.