Hello I appreciate the time you are taking to read my thread!

I have a background in real estate development and no programming experience. I already have a bachelors in Business (emphasis Finance). I am currently getting my MBA in an evening program at one of the top 20 schools in the world. I don't want to go back into real estate and want to get into the tech industry.

What I really want is to become a mobile applications developer (ios/andriod).

I can financially support my existence with a part-time job and the MBA really isn't that hard because I have an undergrad degree in business. These activities will take about 35 hours of my time a week, 45 hours during finals week.

So, I want to go back and get a degree so I can break into this field. So I am looking for recommendations.

Looking at the local state college it looks like the program is really outdated and I won't learn much practical knowledge. Having already done a bunch of college I don't really want to spend my time getting a degree to have another degree. I want to be at least relatively work force ready at graduation.

So it looks like my only option is to do an online degree.

I have identified a few options.

Full Sail, this was the only program I could find where you can specifically study Mobile development. I like that its completely project based because I will learn practical experience. Having a completed app by graduation will certainly help find a job I would think. It is however expensive and I have seen some complaints about the school online. However these complaints seemed to be mostly from people pursing a recording arts degree. IMO its crazy to pursue a degree where thousands of people graduate for only a few new openings a year. Could probably graduate in about 2 years.

Western Governors University. Has lots of good reviews online and is quite inexpensive ($6000 a year). Also you get 18 tech certifications as you go through the program. I am worried it will be less practical and it will certainly take more time. Also, its in "software" in general. So I would need to spend additional time after graduation getting more certifications and building an app to get hired most likely.

Baker College, I haven't heard much about it. It's also pretty inexpensive. Looks like it could take a while.

I have also seen stuff like this:


and this:


I would love to hear of what tech professionals think about these degrees/programs. Also, if you have heard of any other options please let me know!

Most of us computer science graduates that picked mobile development either at work or in own free time. What I can say is that employers are looking for people with proven track of development. Meaning either you can show them your applications on the market or in some version system so they can judge you. Personally I wouldn't bother with certification course, I would work on my apps or look for some project (open source development provides lots of opportunities) that I could join and work on

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