This year, STLP has added an Iphone App competition that I am interested in. However, I know little to nothing about creating one and could use any help, references, tutorials, etc. you have. Are there any sites or programs that I could use/need to make an Iphone App?

Note: Being a high school student, the less pricey I can make an app, preferably I'd like to make one free but I highly doubt that, the easier it would be for me. I have about a month to make one, the competition is in either late April or early to mid May.

Thank you, I appreciate all help and advice you can give me.

This is the Java forum, not Objective-C forum (which is the language you would need to learn in order to develop Iphone apps), so don't make non-Java related threads here in the future.

You can check out my professor's resources on Iphone development. He has his own lecture material and he links to other resources that will help you learn Objective-C and Iphone development. Don't get scared by the course level, his lectures are pretty easy to understand. You can also do the projects he lists on his webpage for practice, and if you need help with anything and you post in the appropriate forum, I can help you with that.


Also, you can make an Iphone app for free, you just can't submit it to the app store for free. In order to test and develop on the device itself, I think it usually costs money ($100 maybe, I don't remember), but you can always use the Iphone simulator for free. Using the simulator comes at the cost of not being able to use certain things such as the accelerometer, but almost all functionality is there otherwise.

This is an old thread, but the following information is valid. The iPhone sdk is free from apples website, and has some great documentation. The only issue is that you need to have xcode, which only runs on os x.
In order to publish your application to the app store you would need to sign up for the developer program, which is anywhere from $100-500.

Objective c is a really easy language to learn and rather fun at the same time.

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