I am new to mobile app development. I would like to know what is the best way to connect to backend, I have a database in sql server 2005, and a web application in C#.NET. Now I would like to have a mobile app of that application. But fairly confused as to where to start the development from.

Your help is highly appreciated in this regard.

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You should have either web service, or sort of interface that you call on example mysite.com/products?category=all or mysite.com/events?country=UK&city=London where in URL you submit has all data you need for server side so it then can call on DB and return result in some sort of data format (JSON is most commont becuase is cross platform independent)

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Thanks for the example


if you want to mobilize your existing web application you should have a look at mobeelizer.com. It allows you to connect to your server DB from your mobile application in a way that the mobile app can work offline and sync to the DB when needed.
In addtion there are SDK for most of the mobile platforms, so you work on your mobile platform with local database via simple ORMapper and the data exchange is being done automatically.

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