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Lately I have been very interested in augmented reality applications and the many uses there can be for this kinds of apps, but there is very little information on the existing engines for object or image target recognition. As far as I've managed to investigate, the best (free, since there's also Wikitude) engine to work with for predefined image targets is Qualcomm's Vuforia, even though there are several other http://obviousengine.com/ that work with precomposed images and patters.

I want to know if any of you, fellow developers, have any knowledge on other engines for this kind of applications, in any of the topics that involve real world object tracking, may it be:

  • Text tracking, identifying text and such
  • Image tracking, precomposed patterns, 2d object recognition
  • 3d object recognition
  • human body recognition, etc

I'm currently learning to develop for Irrlicht to integrate the Vuforia engine to play around with some applications. Anyone else experimenting with AR?

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