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Just wandering what your thoughts are some off the Samsung Andriod phones? I'm considering getting myself the Samsung Galaxy S2? Don't have the cash yet for the S3 - and is not yet launched in my country.

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The Galaxy Ace is a good mid-range option, not too expensive.

If you wish to have Android phone, Check out HTC Desire V, that is such a nice cell with updated android OS and other latest features.

Hmm well I also suggest you Galaxy ace if you are facing funds shortage..

Android is one type of operating systen for mobile device which is provide many type of mobile companys such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC,etc. A part from this, HTC is one of the best mobile manufacturing company. and at this present time HTC released their one of the best model HTC ONE which 1.5GHz processer. and Samsung also one of the good mobile with android. But i prefer HTC.

I have Samsung Galaxy S2 and it is good and in bugdet.

Samsung Galaxy S2

what's your requirements

choose b/w Samsung or Sony ericsson

I have an old galaxy gti-9000. It came shipped with Android 2.1. Unfortunately samsung support goes up to Android 2.2 and I had to get a custom ROM (Cyanogen 9 equivalent of Android 4.1.0) and isntall it myself, but the phone works fine. So my suggestion is, if you don't have that much cash, check out http://forum.xda-developers.com/ and http://forum.cyanogenmod.org/ and then buy an old one and install a custom ROM. It is perfectly legal and not too involved.

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