Android, Apple, and Blackberry are te biggest smartphone company at this moment, what next vendor or OS will grow up in your opinion?

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Whichever can envelop the "in" crowd will be the victor.

There is a lot of money to be made through the use hype.

andriod contains not only one vendor.


Samsung Note Series will start to dominate from this year except for those Lovers of iPhone that are hooked on the marketing. The Note Series are mini tablets with awesome power and large screen area. Kogan have the best deals for phones on the net as far as I know. Go check out the Samsung Note II 64 gb storage with mini SD to expand to 128 Gb and plenty of RAM to handle anything.

No doubt Samsung will dominate the mobile industry. I think Tabwar is growing rapidly this time.

If apple can do something amazing with the next iphone, then yes... they will rule. ATM, they are in a tough duel with Samsung...

The next iPhone should have better resolution, better battery, bigger screen, better camera, and so much more...

Apparently Apple are supposidly releasing 2 iPhones this year, the 5S and a cheaper iPhone for people with a lower budget . . . all a load of Bull to me, they churn them out with new thing that aren't even ground breaking anymore and people that are hooked on Apple witll buy them (or people that have invested too much money in accesseries to changed).

I bought my sister's old 3Gs a few months ago, they are a good bit of kit but there's no point in paying for "the next big iPhone" every 6 months.

That is why you wait every 1-2 years before you buy anything apple... The cheaper iPhone is probably going to be 10 dollars cheaper...

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