Hey guys, i am developing an android app using Java, using eclipse on a windows PC. The building of the app started off very well, and we managed to get a working prototype working on a android phone using the USB debugging option.

I have come across a big problem which is holding everything up. There are buttons on the main screen, which are supposed to navigate to other screens, the only problem is that i don't know how to do it. Can anyone help? you would be a life saver if you can!

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In the actionPerfomed method for those buttons simply create and setVisible the new window, and setVisible(false) the old one if appropriate.


ok thanks, is it possible to get maybe a code snippet or to have it explained better as im such a noob when it comes to java, thanks!


It's not hard. Just give it a try and if you get stuck post your code here for more help. That way you will learn a lot more and rapidly stop being a noob! :)