I'm moving onto android dev from a year of experience with Java. I want to build an app which scrolls randomly through about 40 photos when you shake it. I've already built a ShakeDetector class and onShake(); method I'm unclear how I would build the class to manage the photos. I dont know much about JDBC, but from what I can see, it doesn't seem to support images.. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated :)

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Where are you storying images?

  • Are these provided by your app? If so you can create XML with array of resource IDs
  • Accessing user device picture folder? You need to have logic to fetch images with their absolute path
  • Fetching them from web (like flicker most popular)? Have some JSON service to parse returned result of web request and either implement or re-use (some open source) image loader like this

Thanks, but you may well have to dumb it down for me as I am an Android noob! I have little idea as of now, all I know is that that I have a res folder at my disposal.

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