hi guyz,
i am new on Android and i want to learn about "Android cocos2d".
Before i am asking, i googled about "Android cocos2d" but i did not find any helpful material. So plzz i need help from you..


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There isn't much on it beside this and if you not ready to explore it on your own then I'm afraid tough luck...

i read the the dan clark tutorial but its level is high, i need the such tutorial(s) that are Beginners Level ...
I had try my best to search these types of tutorials but everytime the "iphone cocos2d" appeared, but i have no idea about iphone.

That is what I said, if you have difficulties with it tough luck. try to get some more help from their forum

hey! m having the same problem.

I am working on a project in which i will be using cocos2d for developing a game fo android. I am new to cocos2d and android. I googled it but could not find anything. If u find anything useful pls let me knw. Thanks!



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