To develop an app which can access real time data from the camera (i.e. when the video option has been activated or to take a picture every 3 seconds for some kind of analysis to be carried out on that image.

At the moment my interest just lies in whether Android has made this kind of thing possible.

Appreciate the help guys!

Yes it does. There is a Camera API that you can force to take pictures using the "takePicture" event. Of course, you'll have to create your own stream objects to handle the input and (probably) to save it to the SD card. Here's a link to a great tutorial that will illustrate the concepts: Click Here

Hope this helps!

Fantastic stuff! I assume this will also work with PhoneGap?

Honestly, I haven't tried it so I don't know. Might be fun to try, though.

@asif49 PhoneGap, you just made me cry. You should really use native code not some framework that is trying to emulated native environment. It never gone be on same technical level

@Asif : I read your thread.Yes,its possible to have analysis on image or video after 3 seconds.It can be done with Camera API's help.Please research code for it on google

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