Hi guys, i wanted to find out if its possible to use just a single listView for different activities. For instance i have three activities (Pending Jobs, Incoming Jobs, Closed Jobs) which are supposed to use a ListView, as at now i have created ListViews for all three activities but i want to know if there is a way to use just one ListView for all the three activities. So let say when i click on the Pending Jobs Activity it calls the listView but pulls the data of pending jobs to the listView. Same applies to all the other two but just a single listView.

Any insight, help or direction will be very much appreciated. thank you

Yes you can. Simple example, each of Pending Jobs, Incoming Jobs, Closed Jobs is simple button. On click you will trigger loader or async task to get job results. Once you get results, you forward them to new activity and show them in list. Depending on what additional data you provide you can setup stuff like header, or different layouts to be used in list view for different search results. hope that make sense