Hi Guys, Im just starting up in developing mobile applications, especially in an Android Platform.
We are developing a client - server application.
I would like to ask anyone for guidance or related information.

Here's the basic information i could provide with our system.

We are developing a WLAN(Wireless LAN)
data synchronizing application.
The server application will automatically send update regularly to
the client application once there has been a changed of something.

One of my problem is :

  1. That i don't know what kind of architecture
    i am going to use to make the system possible.

  2. I don't know what i am going to do or what i am going to use to synchronize data in a real time basis
    from wireless lan on a mobile platform like an android?

  3. I also would like to ask if how does a phone connect in a wireless connection.

Thanks in advance guys for your suggestions.

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Sorry your questions doesn't make any sense. If you do not know what architecture or type of data will be used who then? You are architect so you have to choose. As for synchronization it doesn't matter if you use mobile provider network or wireless as long you implement it correctly with detection/discovery of each option

thanks man, i dont think so if you understand my problem.. i know there are many architecture for synchronizing data from computer to a mobile data application, but i dont know what kind of architecture that fits on our system..

. If you do not know what architecture or type of data will be use

mplement it correctly with detection

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