We are wanting to develop a Mobile App either a hybrid App or web app. Since Usability and performance are the main architectural drivers we are thinking Hybrid App is the best approach. But it is supposed to have these features. Because of development cost for each specific platform, Developing native app is out of question.

It will have an offline DB (i kind of wanting to go with a localForage which wraps IndexDB, Websql or will simply go with cordova-sqlite).DB Size will be around 15MB can grow upto 40MB in future.

It is supposed to do computations for an important operation. The operation involves reading data from database and running 10,000(or much more may be 40,000 ) loops with each loop doing some caluculation. As it is a hybrid App, we need to write this code in Javascript.

Now could you please tell me whether this computation (loops) will affect the battery usage in a big way (since there is cpu compuation) or is it Ok ? will the user response be good? On desktop this computation generally takes around 30-40seconds with cases where it can go beyond 1.5 minute (but we can restrict some functionalities)

we can decide to go with mobile web app with server doing compuation, but the responsiveness and performance will be not be good (may be). There is already a website (not a mobile web app or mobile website) available which does all the functionality

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Simple advice, do not do these computations on device. Send request to server, let server deal with it and then push alert to device

Mr. Peter, could you please let me know why you think it should not be done on the device. Thanks for the reply

Resources constrains (cpu, ram, operating system), secondly current devices are more entertainment, quick search and not heavy duty computing devices

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