Hello everyone,

I have a page written in HTML5 which atuomatically resizes the page when used on different devices. I also have a menu which goes from a drop down menu in desktop mode to a sort of pull down menu in mobile mode. This video pop-up works in desktop mode, but when I click on the menu option in the pull down menu, the menu lifts back up and I do not see a popup. I am using Netbeans ide with the "Twenty" template from html5up.net.

Here is the link to my github site:

Here is the code to my drop down menu:

<nav id="nav">
               <li class="current"><a href="index.html">Home</a></li>
               <li class="submenu">
                         <a href="">Menu</a>
                     <li><a href="aboutApp.html">About This App</a></li>
                     **<li><a href="javascript:void();"
                                 onclick="javascript:window.open('images/demo.mp4','Video Name','width=320,height=170,resizable=yes,');">Demo</a></li>**
                     <li><a href="aboutSTEM.html">About STEM</a></li>
                     <li><a href="quiz.html">Quiz</a></li>


This function call in bold works in desktop menu mode, but not in mobile. It did work at one point and then stopped working after I added a new quiz page, which I have since removed. Does anything look out of the ordinary from this snapshot? I believe JQuery is being used for the menu and autoresizing.

Thank you in advance.

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JavaScript is disabled by default on devices for last 2 years(you can enable it, but you will get warning that it is not advicable to do so). Therefore web site developers are adviced to avoid it in mobile sites as they loose functionality/features if they

There's a nifty little css-only hide/show toggle snippet which uses a checkbox as a button to change the css of other elements when its state changes. That is if you want to avoid JavaScript, although I reckon you have a lot more riding on the JS than just that show/hide.

Are you making an app or mobile site? If you use something like Cordova you can create a website and then build/convert it to an app for all sorts of different platforms. You can then just fetch the video files from a server, or even have some local if you wanted to.

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