hi all, am still new in developing J2ME applications.I have a mobile application that needs to connect to mysql database using JSP as the middleware..can anyone please sort me out am stuck on the how to go about it.

why is JSP middleware? JSP should be used on your front-end... to get the database connection, just get the driver .jar

Wireless Development Tutorial Part II is good starting point for general MIDlet to HTTP connectivity (based upon servlets) it show you how you can send request to server, how it will received and replied to this request through servlet. From here it is only step to build your own application that will send request for database data, servlet receive it, process it and send reply back to your application

Another useful article is Debugging MIDP HTTP Requests

On the end you should download source code for chapter 18 from Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA, by Jonathan Knudsen, which I consider very best. These examples do not contain any explanation, beside in code comments, so you will have to work out what is going on in the code. However it is very good example as it show use of Threads to maintain connection with server and in doing so avoid connection time out on real device (not emulator as your pc would be presumably connected to internet and have faster connection then average mobile device)