i would like to ask if it is possible to write a browser that it capable of develering a full but smooth javascript experience on a phone with for example a single core processor, 200mb ram and 30mb of free internal memory on sites such as tv.jw.org or touchdevelop.com and similar sites.....
sorry for my sloppy english

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You need to do the maths... how much memory does those sites consume in an desktop browser? You can check it out using developer console in most of the modern browsers.
If you know how much memory each browser use to display the site, you can estimate how much memory it would consume in a mobile browser.
This is only a simplification to express some of the concerns.

How do you estimate the amount of memory it wil use on mobile phone? Or should assume it is approximately the same as on a desktop/laptop? Where is the developer console in Firefox?

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