Hello all:
I'm teaching myself Android, using Android Studio, and when I try to run the emulator, it doesn't start up. In otherwords I see the mock device, but the start (home?) page does not appear. I've waited the customary 3-5 minutes and I've even tried creating different emulators, but it's been a no-go so far. Any suggestions?


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  1. Increase allocated memory to device (You should have minimum 8gb ram on your pc/laptop or emulator will be always slow). Secondary you may want to install HAXM (you do have to run actually manual install once downloaded through Android SDK as it is 3rd party product) you will find it in your ANDROID_SDK_DIRECTORY/extras/intel/Hardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager
  2. Use Genymotion instead, free registration for personal usage, way faster then default emulator
  3. Get real device, there is nothing better then real device and fast deployment. Motorola Moto G or Moto E cost about £100 ( I call it good investment)

Thanks for the feedback Peter! I will try Genymotion. I do have an Android device, but I want to test out the practice projects on the emulator before loading it to my device (so as not to have a lot of clutter on my phone). :)


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