Hello friends I am new to mobile application development and would like to know which platform will be better in making mobile applications.

Is it cross platform or the native codes??

I tried out titanium but feel its performance lacks the power of Xcode.

Also suggest the best platform for each of them??

Help me please!!

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Your question is ambiguous and lousily worded.
Mobile development these days is about being able to provide application for either Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or any combination of these 3 mixed.Each of them has distinctive language. To develop application for all of them with single "code" base you would have to do it in HTML5 and scripting languages.

In the future please do your research and ask only specific questions not something that would be easily found with few keywords on google search

Hey Peter I know these things.....I think you didn't got my question.....I asked that cross platform like titanium's and phone gap's capability are doubted over native codes in iOS, Android and Blackberry!!!!.....I just want to know is it so???........if not which is a better cross platform (Titanium or Phone Gap)

Phone Gap, soon to be named Callback, as it is about to enter Apache projects family through vote for Incubator which will mean much more people working on it and trying different ideas. Also Titanium need some sort of their IDE for which you have to register in order to be able to download it

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