Hello has anyone build an app using Ionic Creator?

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The answer to your question is yes. Folk have done such.

Can you ask a deeper question like "How does Ionic Creator handle my dozen different platforms and screen rotation?"

My look into this one found it lacking. Not bad for a quick thing but for a quality app, I'm back to Android Studio.

ok i got this. but by quality what do you mean? I already have a website written in php and javascript.

and what about multiplatform apps?

By quality I mean does it handle screen rotation like a good app does. Games and some other apps don't but I've seen a few too many of thise app builders that don't address screen rotation and screen size changes.

Specifically look at Figure 4 and Figure 5 of http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/settings.html#PreferenceHeaders

While Ionic looks to be fast, it's also leaving much behind in regards to a quality app.

OK WHATS YOUR OPINION. How should i start? I know php and javascript. I 've used Flash Builder for PHP, find it easy, but they said and quote '

@simonloa Flash Builder for PHP is an Eclipse based IDE, which itself is written in Java. If you have added ADT then you can create Android applications using Flash Builder too.

Google used to offer the same (Eclipse + ADT) before replacing it with the new Android Studio. I don't know if ADT is deprecated.

But if you are getting any warning when building the app maybe it's because Google now prefers gradle based build system, which Android Studio uses. And Google might deprecate ADT.

If your app needs are met with this tool, why not? I shared my view but what if your app doesn't need to handle things like screen rotation, and the specific thing I noted? Then you are good to go.

But why they say that Flash is deprecated and Flash Builder for PHP with zend framework is not good?

Flash is almost gone already. I can't imagine a new app today that would start where others have left it for dead. But hey, if you feel you can make a go of it, why not?

But how can i make a go with it if noone uses flash anymore. My app wont work right?

Your app will work on your gear and the machines you test on. Three are long debates about the end of Flash or not which I won't repeat or enter. I shared why Ionic doesn't work for me but maybe it will work for you.

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