My daughter has a Samsun Android tablet that has ran out of space so I purchased an sd card. The card is mounting and I reformatted it from the Android device but the device is still claiming to be full when she tries to install new apps. I tried this site but that app never popped up when I inserted the sd card into the Samsung's slot. Any ideas on how I can give her extra app storate space for her tablet? Thanks.

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Hi lewashby.

The thing is that Android memory spaces have been discussed for so long that I take it you are not going to read from the past.

So, check out if any apps show a move to sd card button and move what you can. I am NOT a fan of hacks that move apps to cards and such because folk bring me their busted Android phones over such use.

As to the howtogeek, not all of those work. I'm sticking to stock Android methods for now. That is, if I want to move a few apps, then I do that, but I will in an instant tell my photo app to use the SD card to store pictures.

You take it I'm not going to read from the past. Did you notice that I did post a url where I was trying to get help via web search before coming here. I wasn't having any luck. Thanks you so much for your help!

I will add this. The Move To SD Card button comes and goes as you change Android and machines. It's not a sure thing. And right not, at the office if I pick up a dozen Android devices I get a dozen different experiences. Android has this fragmentation issue and as such is a bit of a plaid piece of cake. That is, folk at first expect those that know Android to give a straight answer but for the SD Card it's depends on what piece of cake you have or how you cut it.

I find some get infuriated over this. Here I've been using and later programming on Android for years so while I see it, I only wish it had been keep a little more under control.

I could write why the move to SD card went away and came but but that's in prior discussions. It won't fix an Android that doesn't have ti.

So my advice is keep learning and change apps to use the SD card where you can and look for the Move To SD Card button.

I don't have that issue here since I don't install many apps today. So many apps have ADVERTISING and kill battery time due to how that calls for a network data transfer quite often so that was the end of many apps for me. Luckily if I wanted an app badly I might write it.

Hope this clarifies what a mess this is.

You can move your photos, videos, audio tracks etc. to the SD card, and as mentioned, some apps can be moved to the card as well. Some will not allowed being moved. Myself, I have been using Android since it first came out and never had an issue moving apps to the card.

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