If recently we saw what we needed to set up a development environment for Android, now we will focus on everything we need to develop apps on Apple iOS, including the necessary programs and how we can take our first steps to approach the interesting segment of apps for iOS, in constant growth and with a high demand for professionals.

Although it sounds like a truism, the first and most advisable is to have a Mac computer. From there, we will have to clarify that we will cover the native development for iPhone. There are several products and frameworks for iOS development, including HTML5 applications, but in this case we choose native development. That is, we use the same languages and tools that Apple proposes, which should always be the first option if we want to start working with iOS apps.

Xcode as a development IDE
The official development environment of Apple is called Xcode and is free for any developer. Getting it is as simple as going to the Apple App Store and searching for the software by name.

There are other software options that could be used for the native development of iOS applications, but they are not the most recommended, since the most updated and with more functions will always be the official one of the company.

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Can you try again and avoid the spammy link to a product I didn't find our iOS developer remotely interested in?

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So why not try to use forums where you can legally promote, ask for feedbacks?

@John_206. There's a low bar on spam (some call that promote/promotion) so if you want to promote you contact the site's advertising staff so you can do this. Otherwise it is likely to be treated like spam.

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