Does all .apk files can be decompiled no matter on how they are protected and secured, and recompile back in apk file?
I have an apk file which i need the source code to change something a little bit.
I tried using javadecompilers but i did not get the main files with code i need.
Is there any alternative to this site or is there any possible way of achiving this?

Thank you.

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I have to answer yes. I don't know your skill level or what you know about byte code systems but the protection is usually by obfuscation. That is, the decompiled result will look nothing like the source and may be too much for those that are not into this sort of work.

So again. Decompilers do work but the protections make the outputs hard to impossible to read. Especially if it's not your code.

Can you give me a hint on how can i succeed on this... i really have no idea in decompiling an apk file but i would be glad if there is someone to help me, also i would be happy to pay for it. The apk code is very simple but i have no idea on how they are protecting them. If there is a way i can see the ways of protecting the apk files i can try to figure out something for it.

Remember that this must be your app and code. Asking for help decompiling other than your code and apps is like "Help me jack this car."

I can't guess what you need to do. But I do consider the question about decompiling answered. There are more discussions about it but the entire reason to protect is well, do we need to go over that?

Also, a discussion about how such protection works would be on its own AFTER we note prior discussions on that subject. That is, once in a while folk ask a common question and while I know a bit about the subject I see I have little to add about it. What the member may be asking is for a class or tutorial to take them from what they know to a higher skill level. And that is rarely done. You can ask but in this topic of decompiling, it may take years to get to the skill level to alter an app that the source code is lost.

Let's say the source is lost. We assume it was your app so a rewrite is likely to be faster than the first time.

I can't guess what you need to do.

I need just a couple of text and images replaced, thats all.

I found an awesome tool, APK Easy Tool you can decompile and recompile easily.
And it did my job perfectly :)

commented: Will take a look at that. Thanks for sharing. +15
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